Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Town of Barrow, Alaska

The town of Barrow consists of ~4,500 residents, over half of which are Iñupiat Eskimo, according to the North Slope Borough's website.  Kyle and I have been here for over four weeks now and have been able to explore a bit of the town.  Here are some highlights!

Alaska Airlines one-room check-in, terminal, and baggage claim!
Town of Barrow with the sea ice in the distance - The buildings are built on stilts that extend into the permafrost.
Heavy duty shop!
Light duty shop!
The AC - where the town does the vast majority of their shopping!  (Sea ice in the distance)
One stop shopping at the AC - furniture, snow machines, clothes, toys, tools, and groceries!
So, milk is a little expensive...$7 for a half gallon!  Everything "fresh" has to be flown up here in the winter, and it's difficult to keep things from freezing here!
Barrow High School - Home of Whalers basketball!  (and the gym that Kyle and I frequently visit)
It's a little expensive to fill up the truck!

Ilisaġvik College (local college right next to our hut)
View of the sea ice from the road next to the "beach"

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