Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The first measurement flight

Wow, we made it.  We had our first measurement flight.  What a great experience.  We were flying yesterday in very nice weather conditions close to Barrow.  Beautiful views over kilometers of snow and ice.  It was such a comfortable flight.  ALAR was so stable, incredible.  Thanks to Brian Stirm (Purdue aircraft mechanic) and Prof. Paul Shepson (Purdue pilot) the plane is in perfect condition, and the flight was perfect.  Almost all instruments were working fine.  We could already see interesting chemistry going on.  Now we have GB of data and lots of work to do.  We are looking forward to the next flights.
ALAR just before taking off.  Fully equipped with instrumentation and DOAS system (on the bottom of the plane).
Mission scientist Dr. Denis Pöhler (Univ. of Heidelberg) and pilot Prof. Paul Shepson (Purdue Univ.) flying ALAR
Flying over the sea ice
Sea ice!
Thank you to Denis Pöhler (Univ. of Heidelberg) for this great post!

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