Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sunrise on the tundra

During the winter, the sun sets in Barrow in mid-November and does not rise again until mid-January.  In the summer, the sun does not set in Barrow from mid-May to the end of July.  Two weeks ago when we arrived, sunrise was at 10:03 AM with sunset at 5:20 PM.  The days are longer now; sunrise today was at 8:55 AM with sunset at 6:22 PM.  It's still chilly outside!  When we left the lab today, it was -26 deg. F with the wind making it feel like -48 deg F!

Walking to the lab at sunrise


  1. Hi, warm wishes from Louisiana. Will be following your blog and will pass your address on to some other teachers. We are taking an online class through MSU on science teaching strategies. Best, Patricia Harris

  2. Thank you so much! Please email me any questions! We would really like to reach out to students.