Thursday, February 25, 2016

Updates & Barrow 2016!

Kerri Pratt is an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of Michigan! This is a belated post, as I started this position in Summer 2013! Please check out our group website!

We are in Barrow again for a NSF-funded springtime halogen chemistry study! This is a collaborative study between Purdue University, the University of Michigan, and Penn State.  Angela Raso, a Purdue University PhD student co-advised by Prof. Paul Shepson and Prof. Kerri Pratt, is now in Barrow with the chemical ionization mass spectrometer, after having spent 4 months preparing for the study in my lab at the University of Michigan.  Three Pratt Lab students will be flying to Barrow this weekend to join Angela and the Penn State folks!

For updates about the Barrow 2016 field study, see the following two blogs:
Pratt Lab Blog:
Angela Raso's Blog:
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