Saturday, March 10, 2012

A day of much excitement

Yesterday was a day of much excitement!  BROMEX is up and going with many researchers here now in Barrow.  See below for photos summarizing some of the day's most exciting events!

Deploying wind and temperature measurement instruments at the Cake Eater Lab with Dr. Ignatius Rigor (Univ. of Washington), Dr. Son Nghiem (NASA, Jet Propulsion Lab.), LCDR John Woods (US Naval Academy), and MIDN 1/C Kyle Crowder (undergraduate student, US Naval Academy).  The snow surface temperature measurements will be used to calibrate sea ice temperature satellite retrievals!
Professor and pilot Paul Shepson and mechanic Brian Stirm arrive in Barrow!  They flew for 4 days from Indiana!  Stay tuned for a post from Professor Shepson about their exciting trip!
They made it to Barrow!  Professor Shepson and Brian Stirm after a long journey from Indiana in the Purdue Aircraft Laboratory for Atmospheric Research (ALAR)
Before resting, they had to first pull the airplane into the hangar in Barrow!
The successful team - Professor and pilot Paul Shepson and aircraft mechanic Brian Stirm!
A recent major solar event provided an absolutely amazing aurora out at the Cake Eater Lab.  This is a view from the tundra toward the town of Barrow.
Cake Eater Lab at night with the northern lights - We are truly blessed to be working in such a beautiful place!

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