Monday, March 5, 2012

Calling all teachers!

If you are an educator (particularly K-12), please email me (Kerri, kapratt 'at' your students' questions!  With your permission, we'd like to post and answer students' questions!  Questions about being a scientist, field research, the Arctic, atmosphere-sea ice interactions, climate change, chemistry, etc. are encouraged!


  1. Hello Dr. Pratt:
    I'm an 8th grade science teacher at Tecumseh Junior High in Lafayette, Indiana and my students will be watching the blog tomorrow in class. I will forward their questions to you and they would be delighted by your reply. I have 90 students who are in the final week of a 10 week unit on the earth's weather and climate change. They will be especially excited to see those amazing pictures of the aurora borealis. They were standing outside last week hoping that the solar flare would tickle the ionosphere over Indiana enough to see them here, but alas, we saw nothing in the northern sky. Please give my best wishes to Shep. I hope that he saluted enthusiastically when he flew over Saskatoon (my home town).

    Candice Kissinger

  2. Hello! Thank you! This is exciting! I very much look forward to your students' questions! Once back in Indiana, I would also be happy to visit your class to talk about my experience up in Alaska in person if that would also be useful. Let me know!

    Thank you!

    P.S. Shep says "hi" enthusiastically!

    1. Hi Kerri:
      I'm sending a long list of questions from 8th graders to your email address. There are 3 other 8th grade science classes at Tecumseh also studying climate and I am forwarding your blog to them as well. I want to talk with my fellow teachers about your kind offer of a visit. It could be quite a long day for you since between us we teach more than 400 students over the course of a day.

    2. Excellent! The questions are fantastic and will be a lot of fun for us to answer. If other teachers are interested, please have them send us questions too! We can touch base when I return in April and figure out what would be best for a visit. I will look forward to it! Thank you!