Friday, March 9, 2012

Snow chamber experiments!

The Shepson Lab is funded by the National Science Foundation to investigate the mechanisms of halogen production from the snow surface through snow chamber experiments in Barrow.  In particular, we want to understand the production of molecular halogens Cl2, BrCl and Br2 from the snowpack.  Prior to coming to Barrow, we worked with the Purdue University Jonathan Amy Instrumentation Facility (JAFCI) to design and build a snow chamber, which can house snow samples and through which gases can flow to be sampled by the chemical ionization mass spectrometer.  Yesterday we conducted our first snow chamber experiment here in Barrow!

Snow chamber set-up on the side of the Cake Eater Lab
Thank you very much to Mark and Randy for all of their hard work helping design and build this snow chamber!  Thank you to Brower, Mike, and Tony for building the sturdy shelf on the side of the Cake Eater Lab!

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